I am a Flash turned Javascript developer, who likes to live on the bleeding edge! A couple of my live projects include Smarty Decks, a Japanese Kanji learning platform, and Monster Coding, an Hour of Code featured app teaching children some fundamentals of programming.

One of my most innovative projects is Kwippe, my JSON to SVG character generator, but I had to take the app offline as the Node.js code was a bit crusty and I’m not exactly a Node.js guru, but you can see Kwippe inside of Monster Coding – by using the Alien Creator or the Monster Creator.

I also developed a full blown Spanish elearning system called the Insta Spanish eLearning System, which has died a rather slow and miserable death due to the fact that it was all built in Flex and Flash, before its demise. You can still check out some of the fun and colorful activities in the demo here: Insta Spanish eLearning Demo.

I live in Anchorage, Alaska with my engineer turned lawyer husband Rob, and my 3 kids: Catherine (4), Julia (8), and Nicolas (10) – they keep me on the move and are the lights of my life!   Thanks for visiting, and please don’t hesitate to contact me at mspanish at outlook.com.

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