Thinking of moving to New Zealand!

From Alaska to New Zealand. Huh? Seriously?  Well, yes!  My husband and I have actually been looking at the possibility of moving to New Zealand for some time now. It started from his interest in the outdoor activities available, as he is a pretty avid outdoorsman who would rather be outdoors most of the time. But then it morphed into a genuine interest into the way of life offered over there. The more we read about the schools, attitude towards work/life balance, and opportunity to have our kids to meet new people and see a different part of the world – the more we liked the idea.

We read through a lot of blogs and forums, many of them from disgruntled expats who detailed every aspect of their dissatisfaction with the Kiwis and their country. But in the end, many of these complaints could be made of Alaska. We do have a slower pace of life here – and some people can’t take it. You don’t move here to “get ahead” unless you are in the oil business, and the harsh weather and cost of living drive a lot of people out after a short while. But for those us that consider ourselves real Alaskans, we love it here for the people, the landscape, and the very fact that this isn’t your average city where keeping up with your neighbor is even on your radar.

But as much as we love Alaska, we yearn to explore the world a bit, and show our kids that there are other ways of life that are equally valid, and can be just as fulfilling. In addition, on a personal note I’d really like to be involved with other people who are doing cool things and making new digital products happen.

The tech scene in Wellington seems to be quite vibrant; whereas the tech scene here in Anchorage barely has a pulse.

So I’ve applied for something called LookSee Wellington, along with some 10 or 20 thousand other developers, lol. While I got an email from the Immigration New Zealand website where I’ve subscribed for a while now, they also published articles in places like Forbes magazine about “winning a free trip to New Zealand” – which is in fact a great opportunity for somebody that is really interested in living there, or a bit of a scam for somebody trying to just get the free trip. Hopefully they’ll figure out how to separate the wheat from the chaff – and weed out people who aren’t actually interested in building a life in New Zealand. I worry that I’ve been self employed – so perhaps the employers won’t believe that I actually built all this stuff myself!  Just look at my Github profile, peppered w/ all the tech help I’ve sought when learning new libraries 🙂

But as the chance of getting selected for 100 seats amidst fierce competition doesn’t seem great, we’re plowing ahead with looking at any jobs we can find for either of us, and hope to post some of the developments, if any, here on this blog.

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